Reading glasses

Reading glasses are intended to enable optimal vision at reading distance. The market for reading glasses contains 53% of the total population in European countries and is still growing. Various presentation options. Accessories available, such as lens cloths, lens cleaner and anti-fog spray.

leesbrillenReading glasses

I-Care Vision offers an extensive array of reading glasses catered to the specific requirements of the market, from luxury reading glasses with a matching case and flexible arms to standard designs.

Sun readers
Sun readers with darker lenses are unique. These will allow you to easily read a menu, iPad or book in the sun. Sun readers are available in an array of coloured frames and lenses, which can be supplied with a matching case and flexible arms.

Reading glasses and reading sunglasses are available in the following dioptres:
+1.00 / +1.50 / +2.00 / +2.50 / +3.00 / +3.50