Eye Drops


ICV12474PAK etiket 10ml 3D kleinEye Drops

I-Care Vision has a wide range of different eye drops that are based on the specific requirements of the market. The drops are available in various bottle sizes and ampoules.

Fresh Contact Lens Eye Drops
Wearing contact lenses in areas with air conditioning, inside aircrafts etc. often causes dry and irritated eyes. The ingredients in these eye drops help to refresh dry and/or irritated eyes. A few drops will give immediate relief and comfort. Also suitable for silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

Fresh Brightening Eye Drops
These eye drops reduce redness of the eyes and give the eyes a bright appearance caused by natural extracts. Cosmetically, it offers more than a regular eye drop, it beautifies the eyes by making them whiter and more sparkling.

Fresh Moisturising Eye Drops
Softens and refreshes tired eyes. Ideal for long days at work, working with computers, etc.

Fresh Sparkling Eye Drops
For bright and sparkly eyes in a snap, perfect for a night out.

ICV12474PAK Etiket 100ml 3D kleinEye bath

The eye bath refreshes tired and/or dry eyes. This liquid contains natural plant extracts, such as Hamamelis.

If you want more information on the possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Oogdruppel Ampullen boxEye Drops Ampoules

These eye drops ampoules with pro-vitamin B5 protect, moisturize and soothe dry, sensitive and tired eyes. They also promote the comfort of wearing contact lenses.

• Without preservatives
• Suitable for use while wearing contact lenses
• Ingredients: Dexpanthenol 2%, Hydraflex 0,5%
• Resealable ampoule of 0,35 ml for single use (6 hours)