Contact lenses

I-Care Vision has a state of the art and very broad range of soft daily, monthly and colour lenses. By continuously making use of the latest technologies relating to lens materials, lens designs and packaging materials, I-Care Vision continues to improve the contact lens experience for the customer.


ICV13461DIV 3D afbeelding daglenzen 105x42mm 3D uitgesnedenOne day lenses

Daily disposable lenses are easy and quick to wear. Customers do not have to worry about the maintenance of the lenses and it is the most healthy choice of contact lenses. In today's society, the popularity of this type of contact lens is growing, which makes them belong in every eye care assortment.

The advantages of one day lenses:
• Most healthy contact lens for eyes
• No contact lens solutions required
• No other lens accessories needed
• Sports is carefree
• Ideal for holidays
• Time saving
• Computer-friendly
• Excellent to switch with glasses
• The solution for people who are allergic to contact lens solutions

maandlenzenMonthly contact lenses

This is the most popular contact lens on the current European market. Especially in combination with the All-in-One Contact lens Solution, a solid and successful market position has been created. The lenses are most reliable and are available in two types, the spherical and torical lens.

I-Care Vision can offer various kinds of materials, such as Methafilcon and of course the state of the art Silicone Hydrogel material.

kleurlenzenColour contact lenses

Coloured or cosmetic contact lenses were firstly introduced in the 90's. Coloured lenses are very popular amongst younger customers. Especially to lighten dark eyes or to make them change colour entirely. The colour lenses are available in daily and monthly variants, as well as in a torical and spherical option.

funlenzenFun lenses

The funlens is a contact lens that initially has been created to decorate the eye for a special occasion.

Amongst the younger consumers, fun lenses are becoming increasingly popular. The lenses are being worn during special events, such as Halloween or dance festivals.

Examples of fun lenses are:
• A variety of characters (dollar sign, soccer, spider web, smileys)
• Animal Eyes (cats, reptiles, wolf)
• Fantasy eyes (devil, wild eyes, vampire, glow in the dark lenses)